Our mission

We believe it’s very important for dentists to have the right tools at their disposal. This is why our company distributes only the best dental units and chairs, light curing devices, dental ultrasonic scaler units and so on. Our product line is always expanding with new products, so you can get in touch with us if you want to see the latest offer.

Shinoda Dental have everything dentist need for your Dental lab or Dental clinic at Unbeatable Prices

Our vision

Our vision is to help every dental practice acquire the best equipment at really good prices. We are offering every professional the chance to further expand his practice with high standard, reliable and durable equipment at all times.

We always follow the best and latest standards on the market no matter what. And each time you work with us, you will have no problem getting the best experience on the market. All of that without having to pay a premium price!

Shinoda Dental brings you most of the items in stock, so the delivery is fast and very convenient. But even if a product is not on stock, just get in touch with us. We will let you know when we can acquire and deliver the product as quickly as possible. Our business is all about offering you value and convenience in a great package!

In addition, we provide some of the most affordable prices on the market. We know that some practices can’t afford expensive orthodontic products, but we are offering the perfect mix of value and quality. We can also bring you high-quality products such as a dental x-ray machine or anything else you may need on demand. We listen to our customers all the time, and we always make changes to our offer based on the feedback. This way everyone will have a very good experience and the return on investment will be a positive one every time.

Every order is completed with the highest attention to detail and professionalism. We also provide expert customer support, and we work with some of the best suppliers on the market. In addition, with Shinoda Dental you always get a guarantee for all orthodontic products. Just get in touch with us and purchase our outstanding dental products, you will not be disappointed with the results!

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