Dental Scaler Ultrasonic For Dentist: Everything You Need To Know

Dental Scaler Ultrasonic

Are you keen on dental hygiene? Though you may brush your teeth twice every day, keeping them completely free from dental plaque requires more than mere flossing. A dental scaler machine can help your teeth look bright and even feel fresher.

In the past, people relied on manual tools to clean their teeth. You can clean your teeth without the help of a professional by buying a non-ultrasonic dental scaler. The device could get rid of tartar and plaque on the teeth. Things are now different thanks to the introduction of the dental scaler ultrasonic. Not many dental instruments can match the effectiveness of an ultrasonic scaler.

Before we discuss how the dental scaler machine works, we will look at the basics of oral hygiene. At the end of our brief discussion, you should understand the need to go for professional cleaning after some time and learn more about how the dental scaler works. Read on!

Why is oral hygiene important?

A professional dental cleaning can help you maintain good oral hygiene. Most of us tend to assume that cleaning our teeth is all about appearance. On the contrary, oral hygiene involves more than that. It can prevent your teeth from periodontal diseases. Studies also show a direct correlation between your overall health and periodontal health.

When you clean your teeth in the right way, you not only boost the condition of your mouth but the entire body. Daily flossing or brushing removes the plaque biofilm on the surface of your teeth. You can, however, miss some of the areas of the teeth during brushing. The plaque biofilm that you fail to remove during flossing hardens into tartar.

Only a dental hygienist can help you get rid of the remaining tartar or calculus since it is a bacterial product that is difficult to remove. A unique instrument can hand-scale or scrape your teeth during a professional cleaning. For you to enjoy the best dental care, experts use dental scaler ultrasonic to boost your oral hygiene.

What is a dental ultrasonic scaler?

A dental scaler machine is an advanced tool that gets rid of calculus from your teeth gently. It works better than traditional tools since it does not expose your teeth to the risk of damage. The tooth roots also get maximum protection as a professional works on you.

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Professional hygiene treatment should leave the surface of your teeth smooth, so that plaque biofilms find it hard to re-attach themselves. It, therefore, ensures that you enjoy cleaner teeth for longer. An ultrasonic scaler is a piece of leading equipment that specialists use. It is different from the conventional handheld scaler since it helps you clean the teeth in less time and leads to better results.

Patients and professionals alike prefer the ultrasonic scaler machine since it needs minimal force and makes the cleaning process more comfortable compared to other forms of scaling. Only the tip of the scaler comes into contact with the surface of a tooth. The small tip of an ultrasonic scaler can get rid of tartar beneath the gum line causing less discomfort on a patient. Using the scaler also translates to deeper cleaning. The specialist can then scale any other stubborn area by hand.


How does an ultrasonic scaler work?

The reason why the scaler ultrasonic device cleans better is because of its mechanical operation. It makes use of high vibrational energy, which can blast calculus of the surface of the teeth effectively. They create some shock waves and flush the plaque bacterial with a jet of water. The jet water cools the machine’s tip and gets rid of any debris on your teeth.

Its vibrating tip makes some of the water form small bubbles which create an oxygenated environment to disrupt the bacteria in the teeth. The bubbles form a hostile environment for the bacteria to survive. Dentists refer to the process as cavitation.

When dental scaler ultrasonic devices arrived, specialists use them to get rid of calculus deposits that were visible on the surface of the teeth. They now not only take care of the teeth’ surface but also get rid of calcium deposits under the gum line.

They work without affecting the roots of the teeth negatively. A hard layer known as enamel covers the teeth while cementum covers the tooth roots. The cementum is more sensitive and softer than the enamel making it prone to damage. That is why a dentist has to be careful while cleaning the tooth roots to prevent damage. If you display signs of gum disease, an ultrasonic scaler can treat the condition.

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Ultrasonic scaler machines come in two forms, namely piezoelectric and magnetostrictive. Though both of the tools have the same mechanism, they have some differences. The piezoelectric dental scaler cleans the teeth in a straight line while the magnetostrictive dental scaler moves like an elliptical bike.

Both of the machines vibrate very fast and depend on the jet water to prevent them from overheating. Specialists call the process lavage. Apart from jet water, some dentists use anti-microbial agents during the lavage process. Even though both of the scalers work well, dentists prefer magnetostrictive dental scalers.

How to use a Dental Scaler Ultrasonic

How to use a dental scaler

As we have seen, dental scalers can either be ultrasonic or non-ultrasonic. scaler ultrasonic devices are not ideal for home use. The tool comes with advanced features and needs particular techniques for proper handling. Only professionals need ultrasonic dental scalers for their facilities. You cannot buy the equipment from a supplier without the authorization of a dentist. Mishandling an ultrasonic dental scaler can cause damage to your gums or teeth. That is why they are not available to everybody.

If you want to boost oral health, you can buy a non-ultrasonic dental scaler and teach yourself how to use it. Before you start using one, it is advisable to assess its weight and determine how it balances. You can use it in front of a mirror in a room that has bright lighting so that you can see the stains on your teeth.

Look for any debris that you missed while flossing then place the tip of your dental scaler at the gum line of your tooth. Slide it away from your gum line as you assess any toughness along your tooth’s surface. If you notice any toughness, it indicates the accumulation of tartar. Scrape off each tooth independently as you get rid of any buildup. Every tooth you work on should feel smooth after the process.

Ensure you rinse your dental scaler after use with some disinfectant. You should also clean the dental mirror then dry it off until the next dental cleaning session. You should scrape off your teeth at least once a month. In as much as you do the scraping, it should not replace your regular checkups with the dentist.

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Find out the special tips of using a dental scaler machine

There have been some contradictions when it comes to the use of the dental scaler ultrasonic. Though the device works well, it is not ideal in all circumstances. Research reveals that the device can affect cardiac pacemakers negatively. You should, therefore, inform your dentist before the cleaning process for them to take the necessary precautions. Some people also tend to have hypersensitive teeth that can make the scraping uncomfortable. Talk to your dentist about it and let them advise you accordingly.

Benefits of using a dental scaler machine

Whether you have dental issues or not, scraping your teeth using a dental scaler is necessary. It can offer numerous benefits to your teeth. For instance, a dental scaler can eliminate plaque and tartar from the teeth’ surface, giving you that fresh feeling after scraping. It also helps you get rid of stains to make your teeth appear whiter.

If you have periodontal disease, a dental scaler should come in handy since it treats such conditions. The instrument can flush away deposits on your teeth that are hard to remove using a small toothbrush. They work on different parts of your teeth, including the surface, crown, and roots.

Going for such cleaning sessions can also boost your confidence as your visit to the dentist is less uncomfortable. The dental scaler machine is safe for your teeth. It also means that you spend less time at the dental clinic so that you have enough time for the rest of your day’s activities. Apart from the ultrasonic dental scaler, you can still boost your oral health by choosing non-ultrasonic dental scalers for home use. If you need deep teeth cleaning, then a dental scaler machine is for you.


It is undeniable that a dental scaler ultrasonic device is the most effective when it comes to deep cleaning teeth. It not only improves comfort during cleaning but also takes care of any buildup of tartar on different areas of the teeth. Start paying attention to your oral health now and reduce the risks of dental problems. Buy your dental scaler ultrasonic device from Shinoda Dental at an Affordable Price.

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