Top 10 Dental Ultrasonic Scaler in Dentistry

Dental Ultrasonic Scaler

Do you brush or floss your teeth more than once a day? Oral hygiene is crucial as it helps you eliminate bad odor and leave your mouth feeling fresh. Your toothbrush, however, may not remove all of the tartar from your teeth. That is why you may feel some particles in your teeth even after brushing. A check-up with your dentist can help you get rid of any plaque through the use of a dental ultrasonic scaler.

You need to make an appointment with a dentist on a regular basis to give your teeth advanced cleaning. Our teeth tend to accumulate bacteria in the form of dental plaque. This can cause periodontal diseases if you don’t address it on time. The settling of the bacteria on the teeth leads to the formation of biofilm. The plaque can also harden and form calculus deposits. A dental ultrasonic scaler for sale gets rid of such hard particles through the process known as scaling.

With that in mind, we will discuss what scaling is all about, how it is done, and the benefits of using an ultrasonic scaler. We will also review some of the scalers in the market to help you get the right form to use according to your needs. Find out more!

What is a dental ultrasonic scaler?

Hygienists use these scalers to conduct dental cleaning. A dental scaler is, therefore, a tool that scrapes off tartar and plaque from the teeth. It is an electric toothbrush that contains a hooked blade, tips and is curved. This is one of the critical dental tools every dentist should own.

A dental ultrasonic scaler uses electromagnetic forces to clean the teeth. They vibrate fast while in use to disrupt the biofilm and bacteria so that they can manage to remove the stains. The dentist uses a water spray to cool off the device. The water spray is also necessary for the healing of the deep sockets.

Though this instrument has been in existence for many years, the changing technology has led to its evolution. The market now offers dental ultrasonic scaler for sale which boosts the treatment outcome without compromising on the comfort of the patient.

Some of the manufacturers of these scalers have dominated the industry for years now. For instance, the woodpecker medical instrument company limited has built its reputation for more than two decades. It is known to produce high-quality products at competitive prices.

Satelec manufacturers also deliver ultrasonic scalers with different capabilities. Their instruments are known to offer precision and high performance. Most dentists prefer such famous brands due to their years of good service delivery.

What are the advantages of such scalers?

Dental Ultrasonic Scaler advantages

These scalers come with a lot of merits. They can help patients suffering from gum disease reverse the situation. They also take care of heavy stains on teeth to give your back your confidence and eliminate the buildup of calculus. You should also use these scalers if you are sensitive to hand scaling tools.

The small tips on them penetrate the teeth without causing any tissue distention. They make use of minimal pressure to clean even the roots. Though they vibrate at a high frequency, they are gentle and soft to the structure of your teeth. You can also get dental ultrasonic scaler for sale to clean teeth even with braces since they deal with the inflamed tissue that comes from constant wearing of braces.

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Cleaning using an ultrasonic scaler takes less time than using a manual instrument. They also cause minimal hand fatigue during the cleaning process because of the light touch. Since they do not contain any sharp edges, they do not cause tissue trauma.

You don’t have to keep on rising your mouth during scaling since the water spray provides constant tissue lavage. It also increases visibility through the process so that the dentist can quickly spot areas that need cleaning.

Top 10 Dental Ultrasonic Scalers in Dentistry. Reviews on dental ultrasonic scalers

1. Woodpecker uds-e ($380.00)

Woodpecker uds-e led

Are you looking for a dental scaler that tracks the frequency automatically? Get the woodpecker uds-e. This gives you a steady performance since it has an efficient operational frequency. It comes with some digital control functions which are easy for a dentist to operate.


  • Water supply
  • Available endo and perio functions
  • Detachable handpiece
  • LED light

Woodpecker uds e LED is a versatile scaler that performs more than one function including endo, perio, scaling, and auto-water supply. The manufacturers equip it with a built-in water container which has a capacity of 350ml. It also features an adaptor for you to get an external source of water. You can also use clinical fluids like sodium hypochlorite on the auto water supply mode to boost endofunction.

Your package also includes eight different tips for efficient cleaning of tartar between teeth. The tips are also compatible with EMS scalers thus increase flexibility to use with various devices. You also get a torque wrench and two water bottles. The detachable handpiece is autoclavable.

It produces piezo ceramic vibrations which boost the functioning of the ultrasonic scaler. It is a portable device that you can easily move from one clinic to the next. The LED light increases visibility during scaling. Your purchase also comes with a warranty that lasts for at least one year.

2. Swerv3 ($1,888.00)


If you need a comfortable model which caters to the comfort of both the dentist and patient, choose Swerve 3. Its ergonomic design not only makes it unique but also convenient to use. It is a magnetostrictive scaler that makes use of fine-tuning electronics to make it easy to control and boost the efficiency of scaling.


  • Touchpad controls
  • Auto-Purge function
  • Swivel direct flow insert
  • Dual power modes

The button display contains the settings of this device and dual power modes. This power mode allows you to switch the power settings according to the condition of the patient. You can quickly identify the color-coded display and adjust it accordingly.

This device minimizes the duration used to conduct scaling thanks to its automatic purge function which eliminates air from the waterlines. It offers a smooth surface that allows the dentist to perform disinfection effectively. Connect the device to an operating water supply during spraying.

3. AIRFLOW Master Piezon ($6,555.00)

Piezon Master 700

A not familiar name for you in the hygiene products industry? AIR-FLOW Master Piezo unites three program systems — supragingival air polishing, piezoelectric scaling, and air polishing and biofilm removal — in one sophisticated, easy-to-use unit.


  • Hygienic And easy Operation With Specific 3-Touch Panel
  • AIR-FLOW Prophylaxis System
  • Smooth touch panel surface for Easy cleaning and disinfection
  • Ergonomic handpieces for working comfort and precision for the clinician
  • Intelligent feedback control technology senses when higher power is needed to remove Residue and adjusts Appropriately

Piezon ultrasonic scaler is completely awesome (there’s that word again) since it provides a virtually painless remedy for the patient and is very gentle on the gingival cells.

The blasts stains and plaque, both subgingival and supragingival, right before the eyes, and it is so gentle into the tissues. Both handpieces are magnetically secured to the sides of the device, making them easy to remove and store.

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4. Cavitron Select SPS ($1,800.00)

Cavitron Select SPS

A lot of dentists trust the Cavitron ultrasonic scaler manufacturers since they provide an extended warranty for their products. They equip the Cavitron select with SPS technology which automatically regulates the system power according to your working conditions. You can get a 3-year warranty for this specific model.


  • Steri-mate handpiece
  • Water lavage control
  • Free power boost
  • Foot control

The dental ultrasonic scaler comes in a compact size which makes it easy to use and even store. It is designed with the patient’s comfort in mind thanks to the addition of the extended lo power range. You can quickly remove calculus from teeth by pressing the foot control.

It also features a detachable handpiece which increases convenience during use. The handpiece is also autoclavable to minimize the risk of cross-contamination while scaling different patients. This also controls infections from spreading from one patient to another. You will find the swivel on the handpiece cable which rotates well to minimize cable drag.

You can easily adjust the water lavage control without drifting away from your patient. If you are new to scaling, the instruction manual provided in your package will guide you on how to operate.

5. Cavitron touch ($2,821.00)

Cavitron touch

Advance your scaling skills with a user-friendly design that offers diverse options. It comes with a digital touchscreen and an interface that is easy to navigate. The small footprint lets you maximize space.


  • Digital touch screen
  • Rechargeable Foot pedal
  • Steri-mate handpiece

Sometimes, using a foot pedal for long can cause discomfort on the ankle or leg. That is why the manufacturer of this model makes uses a wireless tap-on mechanism to reduce any fatigue during scaling. The handpiece can rotate in a 360-degree angle to boost maneuverability within the oral cavity of your patient. It also helps you adjust the hand position making it easy to use.

It is also autoclavable and detachable to prevent cross-contamination. The handpiece is very light offering ergonomic benefits to prevent the cable from dragging. Purchasing this type assures you of a 2-year warranty. It is therefore hard to doubt the capabilities of the dental scaler.

The manufacturers design it with care to give you a scaling experience that is safe and fast. You can conduct dental cleaning on different patients within a short period and treat some periodontal diseases. Most patients who have had their experience with this scaler report that it is painless and comfortable.

6. Cavitron plus ($2,549.00)

Cavitron plus

Do you need an ultrasonic scaler that puts you in control? Choose the Cavitron plus. This offers tap-on-technology which provides comfort as you use the foot pedal and prevents your ankle from fatigue during prolonged use. One tap activates scaling giving you time to rest your legs during the process.


  • Tap-on technology
  • Turbo mode
  • Water control

You get an extra power option which includes the turbo mode to get more power than using any other ultrasonic scaler. The device also allows you to achieve precision thanks to water control. You can adjust the handpiece and customize the settings.

The patient also remains comfortable during scaling due to the inclusion of the BlueZone. The handpiece is autoclavable preventing infections from spreading from one patient to another. It also features the purge modes which get rid of air from the water lines. The producers also ensure that you get a warranty that lasts for at least three years.

7. Cavitron Jet plus ($4,368.00)

Cavitron Jet Plus

The dental ultrasonic scaler does not require you to use the foot pedal when you need to alternate between the air polish and rinsing. It does this automatically through the use of the prophy mode autocycles.


  • Tap-on technology
  • Turbo mode
  • Prophy mode autocycles
  • Bluezone
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Like other models from Cavitron manufacturers, Cavitron Jet Plus is also designed using tap-on technology which minimizes ankle discomfort as you use the foot pedal. One tap activates the scaling. Pressing the foot pedal gives you a hands-free boost activation.

The BlueZone ensures that the patient remains comfortable during the procedure. It also features a single push rinse as well as purge modes. Your package comes with a handpiece cable that has a swivel for ease of use. Unlike other models, this includes a manual and an instructional video to help dentists who are new to scaling learn how to perform it efficiently.

8. Nsk Varios 350 ($666.00)

NSK Varios 350

Get a convenient and portable unit that allows you to perform different dental clinical procedures. NSK Varios 350 is a multipurpose device which does scaling, endodontic, and MI applications. Most dentists who have used it before testify of its high performance and flexibility.


  • Water filter set
  • Control unit
  • 3 Tips for scaling
  • Optic handpiece

It is lightweight and easy to move and store. All the controls featured in it make it user-friendly. You can connect it to any dental console and expect the same effectiveness as Varios 560.

Both the non-optic and optic models are available in the market. You also get three tips to use during scaling and their tip covers. It has different power modes which correspond to the different types of tips. Use the color-coded indicator to check which mode you want to work with. The power dial allows you to adjust controls on each power mode.

9. Parkell turbo sensor ultrasonic scaler ($595.00)

Parkell Turbo Sensor Ultrasonic Scaler

The manufacturer of Parkell ultrasonic scaler stands out among other producers due to providing warranties that last for up to 5 years on their products. This shows how confident they are when it comes to the quality of their products. Parkell turbo sensor is one of those products that do not disappoint.


  • Turbo power boost
  • Autoclavable handpiece
  • External water filter

It is designed to perform well with Parkell inserts. The device switches the frequency automatically to match the inserts. The external water filter ensures that your scaler does not start dripping or clogging. The dental ultrasonic scaler has a turbo power-boosting feature which raises the scaling power when you need to work on heavy stains on a patient’s teeth.

The patient also gets to enjoy some comfort during the procedure due to the broad low power range. It is a reliable and affordable unit that functions as advertised.

10. Piezon master 700 ($2,499.00)

Piezon Master 700

Dentists love Piezon Master 700 since it works fast and is useful in getting rid of biofilm and calculus due to its cavitation effects. The manufacturers use a no-pain technology to increase comfort for patients during scaling. It can deliver more than 30,000 linear oscillations within a second giving high precision treatment.


  • LEDs
  • Touch panel interface
  • RED Dot design
  • Multifunctional pedal

The technology used is designed to respect the natural structure of the tooth that is why the device does not cause any lateral deflection. It offers both the standard and the endo mode. This setting allows you to perform deep cavity endodontics by reducing the power curve since the treatment is more delicate compared to scaling.

You can also use various solutions during the procedure since the dental ultrasonic scaler for sale lets you switch between the liquid containers. It also provides additional power for you to conduct therapeutic procedures.


We should mind our oral health and take care of our teeth. A dental ultrasonic scaler is an effective tool used in cleaning the dental cavity. It comes with scaling tips that vibrate against the tooth to get rid of any plaque, biofilm, tartar, or calculus that brushing misses. Every dentist should consider purchasing this equipment to perform different applications on patients with various conditions.

Apart from cleaning, you can use it to treat some periodontal diseases through multiple applications. Dental ultrasonic scaler maximizes scaling effectiveness and individual comfort. For many orthodontic patients, the most crucial day of therapy is debonding day.

Above are the reviews of some of the most effective scalers in the market. Compare the features and choose one that is easy to operate. Remember to prioritize the patient’s comfort because this is the most significant factor.

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