Why You Need Orthodontic Products for Your Patients

Orthodontic Products

Why You Need Orthodontic Products for Your Patients

Orthodontics is focused around correcting the position of the jaw and teeth, so they fit together properly. When the teeth and jaw are misaligned, this can lead to premature tooth decay, difficulty cleaning, muscle stress, and more. The benefits of orthodontic treatment are more than just an improved appearance.

Being able to provide your patients’ orthodontic needs is important for many reasons. To do that, you’re going to need the right orthodontic products. By properly providing your patient’s orthodontic care, you won’t only establish a long-lasting relationship, but you will also help them to feel happy with their smile, as anyone should.


Why You Need to Consider Orthodontic Products

Being a professional providing a variety of clients with their dental needs, you’re responsible for making sure they are satisfied with their care. Orthodontic treatment is a large part of dental care, and dentists work hard to earn their license to administer this treatment to their patients. To ensure you are capable of treating various malocclusions correctly, the right tools, supplies, and accessories are required on hand.

Orthodontic treatment is more than just one type of treatment. It addresses a wide range of dental problems. The severity of these problems can be anywhere from minor and not requiring treatment, to severe, requiring extensive treatment over a long period. That being said, it’s important that you have all the necessary orthodontic products available in your clinic to diagnose, assess, and address your patients’ orthodontic needs.

The variety of orthodontic products is wide, and you’re going to need all of them to treat each one of your clients’ unique cases properly. If you don’t have sufficient supplies, then you run the risk of losing patients. Investing in the right products is worth the many patients who will keep coming back to you for the quality dental care they trust.

Choose the Right Orthodontic Products with Shinoda Dental

Choose the Right Orthodontic Products

The desire for a beautiful, healthy smile is motivation enough for some people to reach out to an orthodontist. Here at Shinoda Dental, we provide dentists, orthodontists, and dental clinics with high-quality products, including orthodontic products, for the most reasonable prices so you can focus on providing the best service possible. We offer all of this with the convenience of placing orders online as well.

It’s important that you don’t only purchase high-quality orthodontic products, but that you don’t end up spending too much on them either. Making sure your dental practice gets its ROI is important so you can keep the business going, pay for dental assistants, afford more supplies, as well as improve the overall quality of service you provide.

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We understand that some dental clinics want to provide the best service possible while at the same time are not able to afford the most expensive products and supplies. To help you out, we provide all of the dental supplies you need to treat your patients’ orthodontic needs at prices that are unbeatable. Not just that, but we do so without sacrificing the quality so you can continue providing the highest standard of treatment.

With affordable orthodontic supplies, dental clinics and practices have a better ability to expand to their full capabilities. More equipment, tools, and supplies at the right prices can mean more efforts were going towards recruiting team members as well as expanding the number clients served.

Why Put Your Trust in Shinoda Dental?

We have been providing great quality orthodontic supplies all over the world for more than 25 years now. In fact, we’ve helped supply over 48,000 licensed orthodontic professionals just this last year. The dental industry is a demanding one. Shinoda Dental has committed to meet those demands with quick delivery and adequate customer service. Since convenience is becoming more and more important, the ability to order our products online helps to make the process more comfortable than ever.

Just like the way you value your relationships with your patients, we value our relations with the dental labs and clinics who put their trust in our products. If we sold products and supplies that were low-quality, broke, and were ineffective, then we would lose business. This is not the case, however. We only provide supplies and machinery that are durable, long-lasting, effective, and reasonably priced for you to use on your patients.

Whether you are a family dentist, orthodontist, endodontist, or dental hygienist, you can rest assured with our products and supplies. You will never have to worry about your patients being treated with poor quality products that can potentially harm them. We even offer a 30-day money back guarantee on our equipment that is faulty, effective, or not as promoted.

World Class Customer Service

When you choose Shinoda Dental to be your orthodontic product provider, you can trust that we pay attention to the details and are always professional. We have established connections with amazing suppliers to guarantee the best quality for the value. You will never be disappointed with our service and products which is why we offer a money back guarantee.

Customer feedback is always taken into consideration. Changes to our product offerings are always being made to ensure we are fulfilling the demands. Even when certain products may not be in stock, we communicate with clinics and practices to let them know when it is possible to acquire them. It is our mission to offer affordable products at high quality while at the same time with the most convenience possible.

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What Orthodontic Products are Required?

providers for dental and orthodontic

Being providers for dental and orthodontic needs, you can rely on Shinoda Dental to provide all the products, tools, equipment, and machinery you may need.

Basic dental equipment is typical to find in orthodontic practices. These products include:

  • Dental probes to examine the periodontal pockets and enamel
  • Anesthetic syringes for local anesthetic solutions
  • Saliva ejectors to remove saliva, debris, and blood to ensure a visible workspace
  • Waste collection containers for safe disposal of a patient’s bodily fluids
  • Stainless steel college tweezers for removing items from the patient’s mouth
  • Extracting forceps for tooth extraction
  • Inspection mirrors for proper dental examinations
  • Dental elevators for broken root extractions from sockets
  • Dental retractors for lip, cheek, and tongue protection
  • Mouth props to assist in keeping the mouth open for an extended period
  • Patient chairs to ensure clients can sit comfortably during their examination and treatment
  • Latex gloves for proper sanitation practice
  • Sterilization equipment to prevent infections
  • Microscopes for detailed procedures
  • Dental lasers to cut hard and soft tissues

Products specific to orthodontic treatment is essential. The following products, aside from the basic dental equipment previously mentioned, are required to have on hand to treat a patient’s basic orthodontic needs:

  • The straight probe is used to help position brackets as well as remove composite and elastomeric ligatures from these brackets
  • Howe utility pliers hold archwires in place during installment and removal
  • Wire cutters & pin and ligature cutters are for cutting wires with a diameter of under 0.015 inches
  • Distal end cutters are specialized for trimming the ends of ligated archwires and prevent these ends from causing injuries to patients
  • Mathieu pliers place elastomeric ligatures and feature quick release locking/unlocking mechanisms
  • Bird beak aka 139 pliers help to make bends in the wires used in orthodontic treatments
  • Separating pliers help reverse the action of other pliers
  • Band pushers are used to improve fit and position orthodontic bands on single tooths
  • Bite sticks place and seat orthodontic bands with the help of a patient’s force from their bite
  • Band burnishers contour and adapt orthodontic bands to fit a client’s tooth better
  • Posterior band removers are used to remove orthodontic bands
  • Plastic filling instruments help with bonding the brackets
  • Bracket holders/tweezers help to hold orthodontic brackets in place
  • Cheek retractors move a patient’s cheeks further from their teeth to better isolate for treatment

The following orthodontic products are needed to fulfill all types of procedures and cases:

  • Palatal expanders
  • Brackets
  • Bands
  • Buccal tubes
  • Archwires
  • Coil springs
  • Stops & locks
  • Elastics
  • Specialized flosses and cleaners
  • Various pliers, forceps, and cutters
  • Management tools
  • Headgear
  • Face bows
  • Auxiliaries
  • Mouthguards and retainers
  • Extracting tools
  • Dental films
  • Acrylic resins
  • Polymer
  • Digital scanners and printers
  • Welders/torches
  • Articulators
  • Occlusal plane indicators
  • Mounting plates

Shinoda Dental offers all of the necessary products mentioned and more to ensure your practice is capable of satisfying the constant demands and desires of current patients as well as the patients to come.

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What Orthodontic Treatment Means to Patients

Straightening teeth has been a practice for thousands of years, long before professional dentistry and orthodontics was established. While most may think of braces and a result of a perfect smile when they hear the term “orthodontics,” the term itself means more than that.

The goal of the orthodontist and his patient is to not only improve the oral appearance but more importantly to make sure everything in the mouth is working properly. If teeth aren’t able to close correctly, the patient’s oral hygiene may be hampered.

Orthodontic treatment is capable of

  • Helping to straighten out teeth that are improperly aligned, whether they are rotated or tilted
  • Correcting teeth that have become crowded or aren’t evenly distributed throughout the mouth
  • Correcting overbites, underbites, crossbites, deep bites and open bites
  • Aligning the upper and lower jaw to ensure the teeth are overlapping properly
  • Removing extra teeth or replacing missing teeth

All of these problems are referred to as malocclusions. They occur to both young children and adults.

Reasons Patients Seek Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic patients have their reasons for seeking treatment. Some of the most common causes are hereditary. Examples of hereditary malocclusions include:

  • Inheriting the small jaw of a mother and the large teeth of a father, resulting in overcrowding
  • Naturally having extra space in-between teeth
  • Having extra/missing teeth
  • Irregularities in the alignment of teeth and jaw

Not all malocclusions are hereditary. There are many ways a malocclusion can be acquired. These include the following:

  • Being in a car accident
  • Sports accident
  • A prolonged habit of sucking on a bottle, pacifier, thumb, or fingers beyond the age of four years old
  • Tonsils or adenoids obstructing the airways
  • Tumor development in the jaw or mouth
  • Lip and fingernail biting
  • Having dental disease
  • Fittings, crowns, and braces that are improperly fitted
  • Loss of permanent teeth
  • Early or late loss of baby teeth

Getting the proper orthodontic treatment can mean more than just a patient finally being satisfied with the way their smile looks. It can make all the difference in a person’s ability to maintain their oral health up into their older age.

Orthodontists aren’t the Only Ones Who Need Orthodontic Products

Besides orthodontists, the wide array of patients looking for orthodontic care are also in need of orthodontic products. Patients can be young children, adolescents, young adults, and even senior citizens. People of all ages and on both ends of the treatment process require the right products, tools, and equipment to administer and receive proper treatment.

Because early intervention is important when it comes to orthodontic treatment, you need to be sure your equipment is safe to use on patients that can be as young as 5 or 6 years old. Safety is always a priority in every dental and orthodontic practice, as well as for us at Shinoda Dental.

If you’re part of a dental clinic or practice that is looking to provide an excellent service but also wants to get the best value, then you’re in the right place. Shinoda Dental is at your service. Browse our wide selection of orthodontic products and machinery available at unbeatable prices. Place your order online today and feel free to contact us at any time with any questions you may have!

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