The Importance of Having a Dental X-Ray Machine in Your Dental Practice

Dental X-Ray Machine

The Importance of Having a Dental X-Ray Machine in Your Dental Practice

To provide dental patients with the best care possible, it’s essential to have on hand all of the necessary examination equipment. A basic visual exam doesn’t provide dentists enough insight into a patient’s oral health. This is where a dental x-ray machine comes in.

X-rays are, in general, an essential piece of medical equipment for examination of the bones in the body, such as a broken bone. Knowing that bones include the teeth, it is no doubt that dental x-rays are an essential part of the oral health care examination routine.

They’re most necessary to take a more in-depth look into a patient’s teeth to ensure their oral health is on the right path. If conditions such as tooth decay and gum disease are caught early, then early intervention and preventative measures can be taken before conditions become severe.



Why Dental X-Rays are Important

With the use of a dental x-ray Machine, oral health problems can accurately and adequately be diagnosed and treated before they develop into a more severe case. Even when a dental x-ray comes back with no issues whatsoever, it’s vital that the patient gets the most in-depth examination of their oral health possible for their reassurance.

Dental X-Ray Machines are Essential for Diagnosis

The ability to see what’s not visible to the naked eye, such as in between teeth and inside of them, is what allows you to take a better look into a patient’s oral health. X-rays also help you examine a patient’s roots and the part of the tooth that descends underneath the gums where decay can often occur without notice.

A dental x-ray exam should be performed on a routine basis for every patient to help rule out oral diseases. They are also useful for diagnosing and monitoring specific issues a patient may be experiencing, whether the problem is ongoing or isolated.

For cases involving tooth decay and cavities, x-rays are essential to determine how much decay has occurred and whether there are cysts or abscesses. To diagnose impacted teeth, you will most likely need a dental x-ray. In cases of periodontal disease, bone loss can be appropriately measured as well.

Aside from tracking and monitoring certain conditions, the emergence of teeth, such as wisdom teeth, missing teeth, and impacted teeth, can be assessed more efficiently with the help of an x-ray. Knowing the range of benefits dental x-ray machines can provide for both dentists and patients, it’s no question why every dental practice needs to have at least one, if not a few of these machines on hand.

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How Dental X-Ray Machines Work

There are three different types of dental x-rays dental clinics deal with. These are known as bitewing, periapical, and panoramic x-rays. Bitewing x-rays are to identify any signs of decay between the patient’s teeth as well as examine the crowns. Just like the name insists, bitewing x-rays require patients to place a bite plate between their teeth on both sides of their face.

Both periapical and panoramic x-rays give a more detailed look at a patient’s mouth. Periapical x-rays are best used for a more in-depth examination of the height of teeth and the root tips. Panoramic x-rays display a patient’s entire oral cavity in just one big picture, rather than in parts.

For a panoramic x-ray picture, an x-ray machine will need to maneuver it around a patient’s head circumference to get all the details such as every tooth, the jaw bone structure, as well as the sinus area. This is very useful in the diagnosis of jaw disorders and other irregularities.

All of the different x-ray procedures only take a couple of minutes to perform, making them quick and easy to endure.

How Often Should Patients Get Dental X-Rays?

How often a patient should get a dental x-ray depends on their treatment. However, the typical patient should get a dental x-ray examination either during their bi-annual or annual appointment and maintenance check-up. Younger patients will more often need more x-rays since their structural growth is a bit more unpredictable. Not to mention, early intervention can be put into action with conditions and irregularities addressed at a young age.

Are they Safe to Use?

Knowing x-ray machines emit radiation, there is no need to worry. This is because the devices are specially designed to minimize radiation exposure; this makes them safe for both dentists and patients to use. And thanks to ADA (American Dental Association) regulations, patients are to wear protective aprons over their abdomens, as well as their collars for thyroid protection.

Even though dental x-rays are generally safe, it’s always important to ask a patient whether or not they are pregnant or breastfeeding. If they are, it doesn’t necessarily mean x-rays can’t be performed. It just means that only necessary x-rays should be done, while additional x-rays can wait for another time.

Consider Digital Dental X-Ray Machines

As dental equipment becomes more developed, dentists and orthodontists will be able to use newer technology to diagnose and treat patients. Digital dental x-ray machines offer more efficiency, helping to save both time and money.

Compared to the conventional dental x-ray machine, digital x-ray machines offer the following:

  • Reduction of patient’s radiation exposure by a minimum of 80%
  • The elimination of chemical processing, which is more environmentally friendly compared to conventional film development
  • Images will be available right away with the ability to adjust the size, contrast, brightness, and color of the x-ray for a better view.
  • All images can be transferred into a computer database to keep x-rays and files of patients more organized and easy to retrieve.
  • Better quality of dental care.
  • More natural ability to identify and diagnose patients thanks to the capability to enlarge images, lighten, darken, adjust colors, contrast, etc.
  • Higher quality images that better show the small details. This can help in identifying little things such as fractions and cavities, which would have otherwise been looked over.
  • The need for automatic film processors is eliminated with digital x-ray machines, helping to save space, reduce wait time, as well as remove the odor of film processing chemicals.
  • Practitioners will be able to send dental images to each other more comfortable and much quicker, making for more effective collaborations.
  • Thanks to digital storage, losing patient images as well as mixing up images, is practically eliminated.
  • Digital x-ray machines are easier for new dentists, interns, and staff members to learn how to use. This is due to claims they are faster, easier, and cleaner compared to the conventional dental x-ray machines.
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There are many benefits of choosing digital over conventional dental x-rays. Here at Shinoda Dental, we have no shortage of digital x-ray machines for your practice to use. We also provide all of the supplies, equipment, and other types of machinery any dentist or orthodontic practice can need. Otherwise, you can choose Dental Ultrasonic Scaler for your dental lab or clinic.

Choose Shinoda Dental as Your Dental X-Ray Provider

Surely you’re already aware of the extreme benefits dental x-rays provide both your practice and its patients. But like any other dental machinery, dental x-ray prices can run high, leaving room for clinics to second guess their choice to buy new machines and equipment. We understand that running a clinic is very expensive, which is why we strive to provide the best quality dental products at prices that just can’t be beaten.

Every dental clinic deserves to provide the highest quality service while being able to stay within budget limits. Here at Shinoda Dental, we understand that all of the right tools are needed to meet service standards. You can find that we offer dental x-ray machines as well as other types of equipment your practice could need for reasonable rates. We respect your clinic’s need to achieve a positive return on investment, which is why we offer top dollar quality without the high dollar price tag.

Because we have established relationships with some of the best dental product suppliers you can find, we will provide the best quality product at such a great value. We stay up to date with the market standards and are always updating our inventory to meet the dental industry’s high demands. To meet requirements, even more, we’ve made it easy to place orders online, and we offer speedy delivery.

Dental X-Ray Machines We Offer

Elity 70 Wall Mount X-Ray Machine

The Elity 70 utilizes advanced controls to reduce radiation levels to your patients. It works with both digital and film sensors, meaning you don’t need to completely reinvent your set up if you’re already established with a digital or film processing routine. Enjoy powerfully, yet accurate counterbalancing that helps to prevent drifting and makes for soft movements that can be made with precision while taking x-rays.

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Feel good that the highest degree of safety precautions are taken into account for both the operator using the machine and the patient getting their x-rays. Radiographs are made with high quality while more than meeting the radiological safety standards.

Vector Maxray DX300 Intraoral X-Ray

The Vector Maxray DX3000 is the very first dental x-ray that is portable. It is compact and lightweight, making it super easy to hold and use. Designed with an ergonomic shape and a hand grip only adds to the comfortable user experience.

This portable x-ray can be used with digital processing, film processing, or even both simultaneously. Another great thing is the reduced radiation exposure of approximately 1/7 more than the typical dental x-ray system.

Planmeca ProMax 2D Digital Panoramic

Enjoy a total maxillofacial x-ray system that has the ability for a 3D upgrade, use film or digital, as well as add tomographic and cephalometric skills without the need to purchase more equipment. The Planmeca ProMax 2D Panoramic is extravagant while at the same time easy to use.

A Selectively Compliant Robotic Arm is capable of up to 30 various picture programs that include panoramic and cephalometric imaging. Take care of all your dental clinic’s x-ray needs with this machine. Upgrade as desired with the convenience of software upgrades.

Gendex Orthoralix 8500 DDE

For practices that specialize in offering pediatric services, the Gendex Orthoralix 8500 DDE is a machine made for you. It isn’t exclusively for pediatric exams, meaning it can be used for regular exams as well. A multi-motorized arm rotator offers easy maneuvering capabilities for precise imaging for standard and panoramic x-rays.

The convenience of a built-in LAN connection allows images to be available on all computers connected to the network instantly. This helps to save time, increases the overall efficiency, making for a more productive office.

Dental X-Ray Machines and Accessories

Shinoda Dental offers an extensive catalog of all of the Dental X-Ray machine accessories and tools you may need. Aside from the x-ray machines we mentioned, we have even more for you to choose from to meet your specific practice’s needs. Not every dental clinic is the same, and we do our best to provide every need possible.


If you are considering choosing Shinoda Dental for your dental x-ray machine provider, remember this: we offer a 30-day money back guarantee for any dental equipment that turns out to be defective, faulty, or not as described. Shinoda Dental are so confident that you will be satisfied which is why we offer this guarantee.

At Shinoda Dental, we take great care in handling our client’s orders and addressing feedback. We care about providing the best service possible for your practice so you can provide the best dental care to your patients. Anytime you need anything in terms of a dental x-ray machine, dental supplies, and equipment; we got your back. Customer will not be disappointed with Shinoda Dental service and products!

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